MB Incorporated

About Us

MB Incorporated is a sister concern of AKM Corporation. The AKM group of companies had it beginning in the year 1962 in Salem as a small trading house for traditional silk sarees and dhoties. Evoluting after three generations of trading, MB Incorporated was formed under the guidance of A.K.M. Balasubramaniam father of Karthikeyan M. Balasubramaniam and Sathya Prakash Balasubramaniam who are now the two proprietors of MB Incorporated.

Mr. Karthikeyan graduated from his Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A) program specializing in Operations Management and International Business from J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. He had worked with his father's company, AKM Corporation, for more than a year before founding SixHouse and MB Incorporated.

Mr. Sathya Prakash graduated from his masters degree program in Textiles and Fashion Management from Tampere University of Technology, FINLAND. He had worked for a few months in AKM Corporation before going for his studies, and also got experience in founding the brand ArecaGoodPlates in Finland.

Though the company MB INC. is just founded, it carries the knowledge of three generations of trading and one generation of international trading. The products of interests for international outsourcing at present by MB INC. are home furnishings from natural materials, silk trading, apparel outsourcing, ArecaGoodPlates, and dreams. :)

Trading dreams. Worldwide.